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Founded in 2010, VNCFX has been operating in Latin America for over a decade, offering specialized consultancy within the foreign exchange
market. During this period, we served more than 1000 clients, including individuals and companies, helping them to execute the most diverse
types of FOREX operations

Service and Fees

We provide a free service – there is no direct fee between client and VNCFX. Our banking agreements provide us with our remuneration. We
also provide weekly updates on local and international currency markets. On a quarterly basis we also provide in depth views and opinions on the economic, financial and political situation in Brazil.


As a private consultancy, we are completely impartial and have no conflict of interest, allowing us to focus completely on our clients. Our
global reach allows our customers to make the best possible decision when transferring their money. Our goal is to ensure that we can beat
any service you currently receive, combining excellent customer service and attractive exchange rates.

Rapid response

You get in touch with VNCFX from Monday to Friday - 8am - 8pm
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